To play Company Leader you need at least the following components: game rules, game board, troops and dice. For every component there are several PDF files you can download, but you only need one of each. Check the do it yourself section for guidance on how to use the prints to make your own game of Company Leader.

Game rules
Dutch, English : Low quality (for viewing)
Dutch, English : High quality (for printing)
Dutch, English : High quality (ink friendly)

Game board
2 or 4 player, 3 player : basic game board
Game board for custom-made layouts
Game board (ink friendly)

Troops blocks
Troops blocks (ink friendly)
Troops blocks with arrows
Troops blocks with arrows (ink friendly)
Troops prisms
Troops prisms (ink friendly)

Troops summary
Dutch, English : Reference cards
Dutch, English : Reference cards (ink friendly)

Dice colored
Dice transparent
Dice indented / square