Company Leader
Company Leader is a free wargame for 2 to 4 players. It is a company level based game, meaning that players are playing with company sized playing pieces. As a commanding officer you try to win the battlefield by scouting and destroying the enemy and by capturing urban areas.

Decision making
Company Leader is not meant as a simulation of statistics, but as a game in which you are challenged to take the right tactical decisions in order to win. Therefore, the aim is for fairly simple rules. The game focuses on scouting, concealing and movement of your troops. It is up to you to find the right moment and place to attack, or to lay an ambush if you prefer.

Fog of war
At the start of the game your troops are not visible to the enemy, neither can you see his. You will have to scout to reveal them and keep scouting to prevent them from hiding again. This double blind setup doesn't need an umpire.

Custom-made battlefield
Company Leader is played on a hex board, which represents the battlefield. You can make any board you like, but keep in mind that for every hexagon you add in size, the playing time will roughly increase by one minute.

Print and Play
Everything you need to play Company Leader (except dice) can be found on this website. See the download section for available material.